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Suki (suhi / sugi) Sivam (Tamil: சுகி சிவம்) is a popular scholar in Tamil. His religious, motivational and philosophical speeches are famous among Tamil Hindus. He is hosting a TV show ‘Indha naal iniya naal’ in Sun TV.

Latest Uploads are below (17/03/2012)

[dir] Anantham Peranantham

[dir] Kalathai Potruvom (Suki Sivam)

[dir] Kantha Puranam

[dir] Manam+Anantham+Paramaanantham

[dir] Naam Enge Pogiroam

[dir] Nalvar Guru Poojai

[dir] Soora Samharam

[dir] Thayumaanavar

[dir] Vallal Ramalingam

[dir] Vingnanamum Meignanamum

[dir] Yoga Vazhvu


Earlier Uploads are below

[dir] Anantha Athirvugal

[dir] Gnanigal

[dir] Lalita sahasranama

[dir] Periyapuraanam

[dir] Solve the Problem

[dir] Annamalaiyaar Arputhangal

[dir] Bhavath Geethai

[dir]Girivala Magimai

[dir]Kalam Nalla Kalam


[dir]Nalla Kudumbam Nalla Pillai

[dir]Savalae Samali

[dir]Sinthanai Muthukkal

[dir] Thiruvannamali mahimai

[dir] Thiruvasagam

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Sugi Sivam Speech Titles :

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Anantha Athirvugal, Gnanigal, Lalita sahasranama, Periyapuraanam, Solve the Problem
Annamalaiyaar Arputhangal, Bhavath Geethai, Girivala Magimai, Kalam Nalla Kalam,Mahabhaaratham,
Nalla Kudumbam Nalla Pillai, Savalae Samali, Sinthanai Muthukkal, Thiruvannamali mahimai, Thiruvasagam

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suki sivam speech , very very super


I was admired by the way he speaks , which is true to the practical to our day-today life. The way his word’s reaches everyone was admirable too.A special thanks to the one who upload his speeches and helps to communicate to other’s. Good work , keep doing

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